I am a photographer

My photography approach leans artistic and journalistic in nature - not commercial.  I try to capture the joy of a moment, the play of movement and light, the drama and peace of nature, and spaces where love resides and contemplation happens. Currently it's just me and my trusty Nikon - no special kits, flashes, or a plethora of lenses . . .yet.  My photographic works have been published in North End Metro magazine, Vanguard Seattle, the Seattle P.I., The Seattle Times, Blue City Monthly, and the Beacon Publishing Inc. newspapers.  Cities, businesses, galleries, artists, and others alike use my photos for their websites, social media, promotional materials, and to capture their events like art openings and conferences.  Visuals can make or break a website, PR packet, advertisement and magazine/newspaper story. What do we look at first when skimming the internet or magazine? -- the photos. Ask today about hiring me for your photographic needs.  See some of my works below in different genres.



Art Openings, Events & Conferences

Shops, Businesses, & Products

(note some of these businesses and products were shot for magazines and not the actual company or business)