Shannon Hays Creative


thoughtful creativity

and beautiful stories

come together


Writer, Photographer, Videographer


Artist, Creative, Project Manager


Squarespace Web Designer


Writing engaging content for magazines, newspapers, press releases for businesses, blogs, website copy, artist bios, and more.

Capturing more than a thousand words with compelling photos and story filled short films for magazines, newspapers, and businesses. Keeping projects on point and on budget.

Designing beautiful, functional websites using Squarespace to help your business or art stand out from the crowd.


“Working with Shannon is like working with your best friend who happens  to be extremely bright, organized, and talented."

— Patty Forte Lina, Fine Artist


Nothing beats a good story whether it be told with pen and paper, a tapping of the keys, a click of the camera, or moving images. The crux is knowing how to tell it well . . .